Emerging from Compassion

With the intent to restore the harmony between man and nature, Leezen opened its first organic store in 1998. At the time, organic farming was consistently dismissed by critiques for being unpractical.

Being mindful of organic farmers' hardships and needs for assistance, Leezen, in partnership with like-minded consumers, procures all organic produce farmers were capable of growing and harvesting.

To attract more organic farmers, Leezen also closely collaborates with processed food companies to develop, manufacture and distribute variety of healthier snack and packaged food from surplus produce or produce with short shelf life. This ensures produce that grew out of the organic farms does not go to waste, and sales proceeds to organic farmers are optimized.

It has not been an easy journey without frustration and challenges. However, Leezen operates and adheres to the principle of win-win and integrity, and has successfully earned the trust of farmers, vendors and consumers alike. Leezen advocates that farmers should tend to the crops with due respect of the nature; vendors produce products as they are intended for their personal use. In return, consumers should cherish the quality and safety in the food and honor the dedication of the farmers and suppliers.

As a social enterprise, Leezen donates all profits to Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation and Bliss & Wisdom Cultural Foundation. Both NPOs are chartered to safeguarding eco sustainability and spirituality of mankind. Through these two institutions, supporters have grown to the thousands, all have joined the movement and are highly engaged in promoting organic farming, healthy and caring living, and preservation of good earth and natural habitats.

Natural, Healthy and Simple

  • Use predominately local organic ingredients for all food items and reject anything that is genetically modified.

  • Use no artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives to secure the natural taste of food.

  • All food contains no egg, with minimum amount of oil, salt, and sugar for a healthier palette.

  • Differentiate and provide transparency in organic labeling according to the grade of materials used and production conditions in order to gain trust with consumers.

  • Promote use of materials that are biodegradable, eco-friendly and harmless to human health.  Understand and monitor the environmental impact of modern life.

  • Promote the use of organic cotton by alerting consumers that traditional cotton farming is responsible for up to 20% of pesticides used globally.

  • Assure quality of raw material, manufacturing process and final products through both periodic and random check engaging Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation.

Business Driven by Goodwill and Genuineness

Leezen has expanded to become the largest organic retail chain in Taiwan with more than 130 stores, and 29 oversea service locations in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

  • Leezen’s philosophy of organic lifestyle came into fruition with the collaboration of thousand farmers, hundreds vendors with their thousands of employees, and millions of devoted consumers.

  • Leezen supplies thousands of items, ranging from organic fruits and vegetables, food products, clothing made from organic cotton, selective household items, to audio books and supplies related to Buddhism. Leezen continues to develop new products adding over 100 items to its portfolio of organic food and goods each year.

  • To date, Leezen has grown to become a recognized social enterprise as it aspires to "rejuvenate the mother earth and purify the mind".  Yet the mission to protect our land is a quest without an end and Leezen will continue to devote with full conviction what it set out to achieve back in 1998.