09 On the eve of this Autumn Festival, Leezen donated 380 giftboxes of moon cake to Taiwan People's Food Bank Association for distribution to needy communities.
09 This August, Leezen began to gradually convert to 100% biodegradable fresh produce bags
08 Beginning in 2016, Leezen began to minimize the usage of plastic packaging, estimated to minimize the use of 3,070,000 plastic packaging bags
03 Leezen together with five food manufacturing companies participated in the Natural Products Expo West in California.
03 Leezen donated 5% of the Tree Planting Sales Promotion to Tze Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation’s expense toward tree planting, minimizing plastic usage, beach cleaning activities. From 2011 -2017, Leezen donated about USD200,000 to Tze Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation.


11 Leezen was invited by China Leading Retail Conference in SuZhou to share its experience on developing Organic retail market.
10 Leezen started the first Leezen retail store in China
07 In July 30, 2016, Leezen invited Pingtung Technical University technical research assistant and a farmer to share how we work together to plant azuki beans without pesticide in order to protect local black kites.
06 Leezen’s laundry detergent and organic sanitary napkins were given an award by the Society of Wilderness for its compliance to beach friendly products.
05 Leezen invited 33 food manufacturers to participate in 2016 Taipei International Vegetarian and Organic Product Fair。 Further fulfilling Leezen’s commitment to work in partnership with manufacturers.
01 Honest Food, published by Commonwealth Magazine,Taiwan is on the shelf. This book brings out Leezen’s long- term commitment to work in partnership with food manufacturers to produce healthy and safe food to consumers.


11 Taiwan’s social enterprise just started its official website as a platform to encourage social enterprise in official bidding of projects. Leezen has been selected as a candidate qualified in this organization
09 To encourage local production of wheat, Leezen supported local farmers’ organic wheat production in order to encourage Taiwan’s self-sufficiency as well as to revitalize farmland.
08 To encourage the production of organic plums which is one of Taiwan’s major plum production, Leezen played a major role in purchasing the production during the transition from conventional to organic farming.
06 To help food manufacturers to comply with Leezen’s standard on food ingredients, Leezen composed a list of its own approved food ingredient manufacturers to assure quality assurance.
05 In order to promote Edamame beans which is suitable to Tiawan’s environment, Leezen established a Edamame Bean festival to encourage farmers to plant more edamame beans in order to avoid further use of well water which causes the water table to drop.
04 Leezen donated chocolate and assorted snacks to the TCWC Children's Home as well as other children's welfare homes.


08 In Aug, 2014,Leezen donated the equivalent of US33,000 worth of food to Taiwan's People Food Bank Association.
06 To support TzeXin’s Green Conservation Program, Leezen bought water bamboo to protect Taiwan’s white fish which thrives in the midst of water bamboo ponds.
04 Leezen participated in 2014 International Food Exhibition in Singapore.
03 Leezen participated in the Natural Products Expo West in the US
02 Officials of Canada PEI as well as farmers and agricultural related organization visited Taiwan to further understand Leezen’s model of Farmers- Manufacturers-Consumer Partnership. .As a result, Taiwan and Prince Edward Island established exchanges on sharing organic farming experience.


12 To help farmers to solve its surplus of rice, Leezen created new products using 100% rice, such as chocolate cookies, and noodles.
09 Minimized the use of petrochemical by-oducts in cleaning agents, Leezen developed cleaning agents which do not contaminate water sources
07 To support Taiwan’s indigenous farmers, Leezen bought red quinoa. Kudzu root powder, etc to support their transition to organic farming


11 Leezen developed a skin care brand LaVieNaturelle which is fragrant- free, 100% plant base extracts, without any petrochemical by-products.
08 To support the use of brown rice by promoting a egg roll using 100% rice without eggs. More importantly, this product helps to reduce the over-supply of brown rice by using approximately 10 tons of organic brown rice monthly. 
06 In order to protect Euploea (purple butterfly) which frequent mango groves, Leezen guarantee to absorb the entire production of mangos in order to ensure farmers' continual commitment to organic mangos to protect the purple butterflies. 


08 To encourage the use of disadvantaged groups, Leezen channels as much of its businesses to these organizations. This has earned New Taipei City government's recognition.
06 To protect the Pheasant tail Jacanas, Leezen buys its water chestnuts from Tse Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation's Green Conservation Program.


09 To resolve the over- supply of vegetables, Leezen develop a series of probiotic products


01 Leezen became the first to produce canned organic corn.


12 Leezen was the first to import organic goji berries (wolfberry) and red dates from China after its compliance to Leezen's standards.
02 Leezen developed the first organic bottled tea drink


03 Leezen organized the first social event between manufacturers to thank them for their effort and support to society
01 Published the first pamphlet introducing Leezen's activities and philosophy.


05 Promoted organic cotton to minimize the use of pesticide in cotton production. Although production of cotton takes up a very small percentage of farm land, it is a heavy user of pesticide which contaminate surrounding environment


08 To protect the endangered Taipei frog Leezen buys water lilies from Uncle Stone whose pond is home to many Taipei Frog.'s
01 Taiwan's wetland plays an important role in lowering the temperature of the area as well as protecting its habitat and wildlife. For these reasons, Leezen developed an assortment of bread, crackers, cookies using rice as its main ingredient


12 In order to protect the environment and our planet, Leezen promotes a foamless toothpaste
02 Leezen developed wheat germ cracker and shattered the conventional thinking of using no additives to produce crackers, and initiated an industry-wide the healthy crackers concept.


02 Leezen Company Limited established.